Monday, October 7, 2013


Mom we had a party for your birthday at conference!

Sister J and I in our little english room watching conference.  Everyone else showed up later

It was Sister Oliveira´s birthday.  Sister J and I got a Brazilian cake recipe from Carol.  Turned out DELICIOUS!! Super fun! Us and our zone missionaries.


Caio got baptized yesterday! que benção! Seriously Sister J says that was the absolute easiest baptism of her mission... Everything went right! we must be doing something right! And was conference not just the best thing in the word? It was. What i picked up most on was covenants and how we need to make them, keep them, and help others do the same. I am excited for these next couple weeks to continue working with the members and having lots of success. Thanks for all the prayers and keep them coming!
Sister Leonard
After the Baptism

Everyone who was baptized yesterday

Caio with his family (Mom, Aunt & Uncle)