Wednesday, March 26, 2014

February and March

February 17, 2014

we had p-day with the other sisters... Brazilians aren´t that great at basketball... 
i was proposed to again, probably one of the best proposals i’ve gotten until now, he listed all of these great attributes i don’t really have then said `i know you want to marry me´how he knew i have no idea(jokes). it must be pretty close to carnaval because there are less people in the streets, the the people who are out are drunk. but we met a guy Claudiano, he was drunk but we talked to him a bit about the church then told him to dump out his beer. he actually did it... it was really cool, he went to church yesterday and we are working with him to be baptized next week:) we also have a former pro soccer player that will be baptized next week too. we are seeing the fruits of our labors, next month we have two weddings planned and are working to put that all together. it´s really fun, i love the mission, love my comp, i’m learning lots of new things everyday. 
this week my awesome thought comes from Amanda, a member who goes out with us each week. we we´re talking with a recent convert, who is having a hard time with family and such, and Amanda said `we need to be grateful for our trials´ we need to look for the positive/the blessings in our lives but also when we have a trial it means God wants us to grow and learn and he´s giving us this opportunity, so be grateful:)
transfers are next week so i wont email till wednesday.  love ya.
Sister Leonard

Feb 26, 2014

hooray for transfers só que não.... i got a new companion again, sister hunt is my new comp. she american. seems really great, haven’t really had much time to talk with her.  Hildemar was baptized this week... i asked him how he felt after wards, `i feel light, clean, great, happy´ makes me happy when people decide to follow Christ, i can only imagine how our Heavenly Father feels, to see His children choosing the right.
That's about it for now. Hope all is well in your world. Thanks for all the valentines cards really loved it. 
talk to you next week
sister leonard

March 3, 2014

Fez Tempo né? So this week was really good. Sister Hunt is a Trabalhador! I´m excited to work with her in this area. this week is Carnaval, which means everyone has left for the beach... which means the streets are deserted and there are a lot of drunk people. makes it kinda hard to find new people to teach. but the work is going great:) i finally got all the valentines cards... just about died laughing... thanks, i’m feeling the love:) i don’t have too much to report but i´ll try to be adventurous this week so i have something to write. I´ve been reading the bible... i’m reading about Moses right now, i like reading about prophets because the more i read the more i learn that they were men, they had flaws, they were called of God and Heavenly Father qualified them for the work. Also i was reading a talk by Elder Holland this week that talks about how after Moses saw and talked with God, Satan came and tempted moses saying `worship me´ and elder holland talked about how after we receive revelation or have a really spiritual experience satan will come to temp us to try to make us doubt the things we experienced, to make us doubt what we know to be true. we need to stay strong, recognize the things of God and follow his counsels. if it was right when you prayed about it it´s right now. God loves us, don’t be discouraged, keep looking forward, read D&C 58:2-4. 
love you all, keep up the good work. 
Sister Leonard

March 10, 2014

this week was great. i’m learning a ton of things from my companion:) she is a super hard worker. together we are rocking it here in natal. there actually isn´t anything super duper exciting that happened this week other than a ton of walking, sweating, and testifying. it´s the best. probably one of the best things about sister hunt is she mixes things up... she doesn't like the same thing over and over again so we are exploring and learning together. this week should be even better. loving Natal, loving the mission, thanks for all the love and support:)
sister Leonard
mom; it´d be cool to see some pictures:

March 17, 2014

i hope you eat corned beef and cabbage today;) Amanda Egan is engaged? what the heck? why did i think she was on a mission? if she is tell her congrats from me. this week was really great, we worked hard. had lots of rain... turns out i don’t like rain here because i cant stay in side drinking hot chocolate... we still have to work, so i guess we´ve finally hit the wet part of the year.... i think that´s how they know its winter....winter doesn’t exist. This week i say monkeys running on the power lines, it made me happy. Edgilma and Roberto went to the .... i don’t remember the word in english... Cartário to get married... that´s been an adventure, needless to say i’m thankful the mormon world is small and full of connections. they´ll get married conference weekend, and baptized right after:) we are excited! this week marcelo got baptized, he was pretty prepared, we met him on the street and when we met him we invited him to be baptized and he accepted, probably the best thing about the people here are they are really open to hearing the gospel and receive the missionaries. He´s really funny, when we taught him about the word of wisdom (he drinks coffee) we made a deal with him, if he would give up coffee, sister hunt would give up coke... she´s pretty addicted haha or its more tradition for her and sister Cabral to drink coke every day at 4 o´clock... so i’m proud to say both Marcelo and sister hunt are firme forte in there commitments:)
so that´s my life. or a part of it. love you all. thanks for the love and prayers.
Síster Leonard

March 24, 2014

this week has been busy. sorry i wasn´t on earlier we had an emergency transfer, sister Arévalo left and sister f. de Oliviera came to our lovely abode, then we played basketball with the other missionaries in our district... don’t worry dad my team won. this week was pretty full of highs and lows. on tuesday we had zones conference. with all the zones here is Natal, that was really inspiring and uplifting and long, but really great. we have been working really hard here in Natal finding and teaching and such. the brother of Marcelo (who was baptized last week) was killed this week, so that was pretty hard, but Marcelo is amazing and super strong. he´s been loving the book of mormon, he´s been devouring the stories from Nephi. he is awesome. Hildemar blessed the sacrament this last sunday, and Manoel received the Priesthood, both are recent converts as well. we are really enjoying all the blessings that the lord is giving us.hope you are all well, and if you´re not happy recount your blessings. the lord is helping us every step of the way. love you all, thanks for all the love and support:)

sister Leonard