Saturday, November 16, 2013

There are two of her

So she's been gone for 3 months, and I finally managed to get flat Sister Leonard put where she belongs.  I've missed seeing her face.  Now I will place her right next to the back door and scare myself each time I walk in.
Sister Leonard is in the corner!

Sometimes I worry about me... When Flat David lived in that spot, I went out one day to carry in some case goods.  It was very bright and sunny.  I put on my sunglasses and grabbed a case of soup and brought it in the house, where it was dark.  As I got in, I saw a person in my house, I screamed and dropped all my soup on my feet.  Realizing it was Flat David, I laughed at myself and went out to get the other case of soup, and did the exact same thing a second time.  Yeah, having Aleah in the house is going to be fun!

Monday, November 11, 2013


This week was awesome. A few things that Sister M. Silva and i did this week were: 
Interrupt a soccer game to preach the gospel, we make lots of contacts everyday and i have to shame talking to random people... probably because i really don't know what I’m saying and we´ll i saw a lot of people who needed to hear about the Gospel so i called a time out and invited everyone to church... no one came to church... probably because i interrupted their soccer game but still it was really cool:)
i related the gospel to a brownie, I’m sure you´re wondering how that can be... we´ll in my mom´s special top secret brownie recipe it has 5 ingredients... surprising how something so amazing can be so simple but it is... just like the Gospel:) also we have 5 very simple steps to achieve happiness in this life and joy in the life to come. We need faith, when we have faith and we know God exists and loves us it makes us want to repent so we can be like him, only way we can truly be forgiven of all our sins is to be baptized, and after that live worthy of the gift God gives us which is the holy ghost, after that is endure to the end, do all the little things, pray daily, read your scriptures, go to church and be made clean again. easy:)
 we invited bandits to our Halloween party, our Halloween party was awesome!:) We had lots of fun and no one was hurt the whole ward dressed up... I’ll send pictures:)
 We had an activity in a `park´ really a dirt field, and got over 30 references for the other sisters (their area) but we are going to do the same activity in our area also at the end of the month:) we have lots of people to teach:) thanks for the love and prayers. hopefully this week we´ll get beds! if not tudo bem:)

All and all a great week.
love sister Leonard

Awesome Halloween Cake

Me and one of my buds

Twin costumes!  (We are Minnie Mouse!)

Beautiful Friends