Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First Letter Home


Ma & Pa
I am alive and well. I won't have p-day until friday, so don't yell at me :-)  Sister Reeve and I taught our first lesson yesterday and have a follow up lesson today. She did great... She spoke french in high school and that seems to help a ton!  Portuguese is coming along slowly but surely.  I know more than I did yesterday.  There are 12 other people in my district 3 sets of sisters and 3.5 sets of Elders.  One companionship received their visas yesterday.  They submitted everything in March so maybe I'll only be here for another month or so.

Sister Wood (Brad's mom) sent me cinnamon rolls yesterday, which was awesome.  And Brad had a bunch of people from his district write me encouraging notes.   Time is weird here, each day seems like eternity, yet I don't have enough time to do everything I need to .

Hope all is well at home. Have all your girls write to me. is free :-)  Love you Lots

our favorite child

Sister Aleah Leonard

first mission selfie

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