Saturday, May 24, 2014

Remember me? Im the missionary who's mother keeps forgetting to post her letters

April 21, 2014

I can’t think of a catchy title

So this week is pretty simple to write about in three words,Iwas sick. But that wouldn’t be a very fun email to read, so i´ll try to tap my creative writing tap. So last Monday I ended p-day staying at home with a fever and a sore throat and swollen eyes and a snotty nose. I thought it´s pass that night. anyway long week short I stayed at home all week, we did some divisions with members, what ever was in my throat moved to my chest and I sounded like mom when she gets Bronchitis.  Then sister Oliveira got sick and I stuck it out at home babysitting her while I recovered a bit more. Friday sister hunt said I needed to get out of the house something about house fever, going crazy. Anyway I went out on good friday. Not much happened that day because it was a holiday and everyone leaves for the beach when they have a holiday. 
Brazilian traditions with Easter: almost everyone is catholic, so they do what catholics do, and they give there loved ones a big chocolate egg that usually has another type of candy inside or a game, but it´s just one egg, not a basket of goodies like in the states.
So saturday Sister Hunt and I were finally together and working normally like missionaries should. This is like the most exciting part of my whole week so pay attention, so as we were coming home right before we turned into our street we bought popcorn (kernels to make popcorn) and we are talking about how great my purse is because it really doesn't call attention, because we saw a great big purse on the side of the road (as if someone had robbed it, emptied it and left it to be talked about by missionaries) when this motorcycle passes by. Then we hear them turn around and approach us. This kid (I swear he isn´t more than 10 years old, maybe 80 lbs.) gets off the bike, and says give me your cell phone and credit cards.Ikept walking away, then I turned around and my comp. was standing right in front of the guy on the moto. Not saying anything, just looking at him. so the little kid turned to me.Idid see a knife but I didn’t feel threatened. I didn't have anything to give him really, until he grabbed my necklace, it was the necklace grandma and grandpa Leonard gave me for my baptism, a gold liahona, instinctively I grabbed my necklace not wanting to give it to him, when he pulled it out of my hand he only took the chain, the liahona pendant stayed with me. all in all nothing happened, he left with the chain, and thats it. I felt protected and perfectly fine. Thanks for all the prayers of protection, they´re working haha. I just feel bad for that little boy, what kind of life he has lived to start so young stealing. I pray his life changes, that he can find the gospel and happiness and that he doesn't do something he regrets.
what would a mission to Brazil be if we hadn’t been robbed, I just hope I'm good for the rest of the mission. Love you hope you have a great week
Sister Leonard

April 28, 2014

Mom Respond!

This week was another fun one. We had another emergency transfer... that we were all planning on. so sister hunt got transferred to Abolição and I am not companions with Sister Christensen. She´s great, another one of the Sister líder treinadores, she´s great you´ll meet her on mothers day. This week was just really chaotic with the transfer and everything, figuring out how things will be with a new comp, little things that just take practice like how we want to teach and things like that. but we’ve been really blessed its like out relationship as companions is on steroids, probably because she will be going home in 2 1/2 weeks and we don't have time to not like each other haha, but really she is awesome, she´s kinda like me personality wise but a bit more crazy haha if that is possible. but she doesn’t seem like she’s finishing up the mission, she works hard and is a great example of not just enduring till the end but enjoying to the end, so thats my little thought for all who actually read these emails, enjoy it till the end, if you aren´t enjoying your self you aren´t counting all your blessings. only of the most annoying things to our Heavenly Father is an ungrateful heart. look at the little things like, the sun is shining, or hey it´s raining today, or hey I'm healthy today, or if your sick, at least we live in a time of good medicine.... it all depends how you look at it. 
love you all
Sister Leonard 


Dunes with Sister H
great and spacious building

May 5, 2014

Mother’s day

This week was a good one we taught a lot and had baptisms yesterday. Tomaz, is this sweet little man that was always drunk when we went to teach him, but he had such a strong desire to change and leave the drinks in the past. This guy started drinking when his wife died about 38 years ago. He woke up every morning walked down the street and drunk the whole day. not much of a happy life. but when we started visiting him he said “you´ll take me away from the beer,I know you can do it”.  So we set our goals and left every morning at 9 to walk half an hour to his house to teach him or read the book of mormon with him. Then we would go back after lunch to see how he was doing, to make sure he hadn’t drunk, one of the most beautiful things I have seen on my mission is him sitting in his doorway reading the book of mormon with the gospel principles book open to study. He testified a lot of the power the book of mormon has to change peoples lives. And it´s so true. We celebrated his birthday with him he told us his family came to celebrate that day and they had a bbq with a lot of alcohol, he told his whole family he wouldn’t have any of that anymore. And his `friends´ have stopped asking him the join them because he´s found Jesus. Not going to lie, I doubted a bit if he would be good and ready to be baptized this week but he really had the desire, he understood the importance of baptism and he is so happy now. I'll give more of an update next week when I talk to yáll on skype... hope I remember my sign in haha. love ya.
Sister Leonard

Tomaz, João Maria.

Tomaz, João Maria.

Sister Christensen and Sister Cabral using my stamp

May 15, 2014

go to the end of the world, then just a bit farther

i got transferred to Cajazeiras its literally at the end of the world. It´s a little branch that is working to get a chapel. I'm with sister Cunha who is from São Paulo. Yesterday was really long. I was on the bus for about 10 hours. But I got here safely. I´ll have more to say about the area and what not on Monday but just wanted y´all to know where I am and what I'm up to. We share the branch with elders. We literally live in the middle of nowhere. pretty sure I'm the only american out here. woohoo:) I'm excited for this area. Oh I'm now senior as well, which doesn't really mean anything. I was sad to leave the people in Natal, I really do love them, but thats the thing about love it just multiplies. I can’t wait to love and serve the people in Cajazeiras (good luck with that name haha)

love ya, pray for me
Sister Leonard

May 19, 2014


So this town isn´t that small. Not like Thatcher small at least haha. It has subway so that´s kinda a big deal, the people here are good. This week I’ve just been getting to know the area and the people here. There are about 50-ish active members here so that´s going to be fun to get to know each of them personally and work with them. I´m learning that everyone here just needs a bit more energy and love... lots of love... so I just try to have lots of energy always. The Lord helps a lot with that. I'm excited to see what amazing miracles the Lord will do here in this little branch. We have a set of elders and sisters so that helps with the work,  umm I don't really have much more of an update for now but next week I should. hope all is well and you enjoy playing with the grandbabies. love you:)
Sister Leonard

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