Thursday, October 23, 2014

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 October 6, 2014

so this week was full of... you guessed it conferences. so on tuesday we had zones conference with all the zones here in Natal. it was really great because i got to see lots of friends but more importantly we talked about the book of mormon. it was great. and i love the book of mormon. the whole mission is going to read the whole book cover to cover before our next conference in december for christmas.which has been great because i have Laman and Lemuel on the mind. general conference was amazing! love it with all my heart. i love the inspired messages that truly testify how much God loves us and wants us to return to his presence and that is why we have a prophet and apostles today. so after the conferences there were a few people that commented ´wow they were really burning us werent they´... i thought about nephi´s older brothers and how they took instructions from their father the prophet. they said the things he said were hard for them, but it wasnt hard for Nephi, why? because he asked for his personal witness. we should remember these messages are to help us improve, if it seems hard ask God for help to be able to do what he is asking. i know he has a plan for us and it´s to help us become like him, and we can do that using the atonement. :) also this week Adson was baptized inbetween all in all it was an amazing weekend. 
love you all
love sister leonard

mom did you get my message wishing you a happy birthday?

 October 13, 2014

So this week was good. I laughed a lot. So last night while I was passing out numbers for our DL my wonderful companion stamped my forehead... so i locked her out of our room. also this week I found a lizard in our house, and stole a papaya from mãinha .... the other foto with the lady. is mãinha:) she´s awesome. we did a service project at her house this week... today actually. i think im just going to be sending lots of photos ... i dont really have much to say... as my brothers say a pic is worth a thousand words.

 October 20, 2014

this week was a blessing and a half. we are working on another wedding. So I ran all over Natal to find all the right documents... at least I've done this before and i know what to do, more or less. so that took up a good amount of time, but there two kids were baptized this weekend, it was so great, and the parents are super excited for their baptisms next month. also Felipe was baptized. he is a friend of a recent convert, the elders found him for us. we are also teaching his parents but they need to get married too.... yay! "mawage is what brings us together today, love true love..." -princess bride. also Iraci got baptized!!!! that was a big surprize.... we´ve been teaching her for a while and she didnt want to get baptized because she recently was baptized in a baptist church... on saturday we talked about family history and temples... congrats to my family who is doing family history... i had quite the family tree to show off to them;)  then the husband, Arlindo, who is a member asked "if i go to church for the full year doing every single thing right, can i still be sealed to my wife even if she´s not a member?" :( i was so sad to say no.... but on sunday she came to church and said "I brought my towel can i be baptized today?" .... YES! i still cant believe how blessed we have been, we have been fasting and praying like crazy:) and the Lord has really been blessing us. iI love where I am and the opportunity I have to serve these people. love you all:)
sister Leonard
 cleaning the baptisimal font

flavio gissele jr gabriele fernanda


 arlindo and iraci

felipe and maria josé (mãe)

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