Wednesday, January 21, 2015


January 5, 2015

so this week was an adventure haha. this week we chased down a bunch of less actives. while we were searching for people we found this random pig farm that smells lovely in the hot summer sun of caicó. and now on to the title of this email which is the highlight of this week. so luna is a recent convert who was baptized in october. she has been at high risk in her pregancy, which has caused her to have high blood pressure, and with high blood pressure the doctors wouldnt do the c section, which caused her to be pretty depressed. so we´ve been trying for the past few weeks to pass by her house but she never opened up for us, until friday. when we got there she said she had just picked up the phone to call us (what inspiration). so we talked to her for a bit, read the scriptures then the spirit whispered to me to give her a foot rub.... random right, but it always makes me feel better then i remembered the wise words of an older sister that i have, that you can start labor if you push the right pressure point. needless to say i have magic hands and luna´s baby was born saturday afternoon. he´s healthy and mom is doing well too:) 
new years was good, we got woken up by all the fireworks and watched from the apartment... then some members from below offered us bbq. so we had bbq for breakfast on new years. all in all it was a good week. love you all
sister leonard

January 12, 2015

so last week when i was emailing president soares called me and asked sister baker to do divisions this week. we headed to Natal on monday and had conselho on tuesday. i gave my first of many "last testimonies". it was a great mission counsel. President explained better what he wanted to happen with this division. usually what happens is we split with one companionship, one of us will go to their area and one of them will come to ours to work, but this week we both went to the Vila ward and we stayed in trio with the two companionships that work there. it was a really great week, it was super great to get to know the sisters better and to be able to share stories from my mission that i hope will make their missions a bit easier. Sister J.silva and Carvalho had a beautiful baptism yesterday, and both companionships have people to baptize next week. this week we will be dividing with the sisters we live with. and as a reminder to all next monday i will not be on email because next week will be transfers... i have a feeling that i´ll be transfered. but for now i´ll be working my hardest. love you all
sister leonard

January 21, 2015

so finishing the mission is the weirdest thing ever. so this past week we were in divisions again with sister algayer and sister rios. but on friday the other sisters had a bit of a change, emergency transfer. so sister baker stayed with the sisters of seridó and i went to be with the sisters in vila da príncipel. nothing better than ending the mission in divisions. it really helped us just stay 100% focused, our area had been worked over and beaten way to many times and it is super small, so it was nice to see that there are still lots of people open to hearing our message. there were 4 baptisms between the 3 companionships. sister baker and i actually baptised a little girl, marcinha. so she is the daughter of a member who had been inactive for quite a while, she had already come back to church by the time i got there, but she had been away for so long that she asked us to teach Marcinha. turns out she´s afraid of water, so that was funny, she gave a nice little squeal before going under. but it was a happy day:) 
saying good bye to everyone was normal, i´ve kinda just gotten used to it, like it just feels like one more transfer, i dont think it´ll be real till i see everyone again. but all in all im good, im happy. im excited to see y´all in two days. love you all
sister leonard

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