Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2nd lesson mishap

Mom & Dad

So basically there is no time to I have an hour but that's not enough time to squeeze 10 days worth of stuff into.  I figured I'd write my email to let those beyond the MTC fence know I am okay. I am surprised how okay I am.

Wednesday was pretty tough/hard to hold it together, but I received  a blessing of comfort and I talked to Elder Cole who gave me a little more insight into why our friend might have made the decision that he did.  My district is amazing and have helped a lot.

Anyway on a lighter note, I am able to focus on the work, I find so much joy in the service of our Lord.  I mentioned briefly Dayane who is our investigator, or was.  So on the second day here they have you teach a lesson in portuguese. Sister Reeve took french in High School so half the time she can fake her way through.  So the first lesson we confused her with "restoration":-)  whoops!  On the next day, the 2nd lesson, the spirit truly filled my mouth with words, until I tried to have her read the last paragraph of the introduction to the Book of Mormon.  I pointed to the wrong paragraph, then corrected myself.  Dayane (in portuguese) "Well why can't I read those too?" Me (in my head) "Well you can if you want", but not knowing the portuguese word for "want" but having learned "desire" I attempted to say "you can if you desire" but what I actually said was "You can if you deficate".  We successfully caused our investigator to break character.  She laughed for a solid 5 minutes, and even shed a few tears and said in English (which never happens) "I'm sorry, I don't know where this is going!" so I turned to Sister Reeve, she and I were both laughing, not knowing what I had said and told her to testify... She invited us back which is a miracle!  Anyway we finished teaching her.  She didn't get baptized because she doesn't understand why her previous baptism wasn't valid.  We tried to explain it to her but our portuguese was inadequate and the Spirit told us it was time to go.  It was a very cool learning experience though!

We (Sister Francis, Reeve and I) have two new investigators starting Monday though so this should be great!

I hope all is well at home.

P.S. you can write me for free & daily using :-)

Love you both

Sister Aleah Leonard

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