Saturday, August 17, 2013

progressing in the portuguese

Alrighty so much to tell. This week Sisters Reeve, Francis, and I 'tracted' into two people. One on Monday named Stepherson and another on Tuesday named Mateus. Mateus is great, his brother is a member and he wants to strengthen his faith and relationship with God. Stepherson is kinda of hard to read. We aren't 100% sure what he needs, he seems a little disinterested which hurts because we know how important this gospel is. He does however really like the idea that he can live with his family for all eternity:). So that's who we are teaching right now. 
The language is coming haha. My district is very dedicated to learning portuguese! We try to start our days (till lunch or so) only in portuguese. This has resulted in remarks from teachers and other districts asking if we've gotten our reassignments yet. (because we talk like we've been here for 5-6 weeks) Nope this is still just week 3. So while I still feel like I cant speak portuguese I have to give myself a little credit i can successfully make it through a lesson without encouraging my investigator to ‘defecate’. Dad asked what we do to learn the language here. Basically you have no other option. Everyone speaks portuguese all the time and if you speak english back they look at you like you have a third eye. Fun Fact: Rosetta Stone is based off of the language learning practices taught at the MTC.
Anyway I am feeling very positive this week. On Sunday we had a devotional from Richard I Heaton (administrative director of the MTC) then we listened to old conference talks from Thomas S Monson and Richard G Scott.  Some things learned:
~My purpose is to help others be reconciled to God and help them feel the love God has for them
~New generations crucify Christ a new by modifying miracles or defying His divinity.
-- On Tuesday Richard G Scott came to give a devotional...WOW! it was similar to the talk given on Sunday but way better because it was live and I was just sitting there at the feet of an apostle 
~Heavenly Father wants to hear from you. He wants to help you. Just talk, there isn't ANYTHING he doesn't want to know.
~ Learn to ask the right questions, SEEK HIS WILL, don't ask for what you want but what He wants for you. He will do what is expedient for you. he knows what we can become and will help us achieve our potential.
~when it seems like he hasn't answered your prayers its because he wants us to grow, but he will answer when the time is right (on His time not yours)
~"To reach a goal never before obtained you must do things you have never done"
~"refuse to be discouraged" -- yes it is a choice.
Then Elder Scott invoked his apostolic blessing not once but twice on us. He said that we will be given the gift of tongues, receive guidance from the lord and be able to build relationships of trust, according to our faith.
So that's really amazing! I definitely need that. Today is Friday so i get to go to the temple for the first time since being here. I'm super stoked! 
Other than living the gospel 24/7 I also enjoy reigning as queen of foursquare. The elders have started a "dark covenant" against me haha it's all fun :) 

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te amo
Sister Leonard
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because the top of the closet is a good place for a photo op

the ladies of the tripod Sisters Reeve, Francis and Leonard

The homegirls from HV Texas! Sisters Riding and Leonard

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