Friday, August 23, 2013


It's official i am halfway done with the MTC. Our district has a goal to be speaking 100% Portuguese as of last Wednesday. I’m at like 80% which is much better than i expected:) umm not too much to report this week... we got two more investigators this week. Ben and calihan, they are roommates. Mateus is out of town so we will teach him more next week. Stepherson has agreed to come to church with us on Sunday, so that's really exciting, he seems much more open and willing to listen to what we have to say:). What else to write... it's rained the past two days, which is really great! Sprite came out my nose a dinner one day because i laughed too much. Oh Bob Dole was at the MTC on Sunday... i think that's how you spell it. Apparently people don’t know who he is... i really only know because Doug had that weird fascination with him when he was younger. Also sister Reeve is a fainting goat. If you startle her she collapses to the ground... kind of really funny:) i have a video I’ll try to send you a video i got of her in action. Umm Portuguese really messes up my English so mom, if you want to rewrite this and make it sound like my week was really exciting that's be great:) also half the time i don’t know what you want to know so if you want you can send questions... that's be cool. Well i love the work and i love being here:) love you lots:)
Sister Leonard
Sisters Reeve & Francis & I at the temple

At the Marriott Center for Sunday Devotional

Irmao Godoy (Who was Elder Wood's favorite teacher/ the funniest teacher at the MTC)

The Girls and I

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