Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Letter from Sister Francis


Dear Bro & Sis Leonard,

Oi!  I’m Sister Francis, one of your daughter’s companions here at the MTC!  We both thought it would be fun for me to write you a letter.  I don’t know what she’s told you about me, but I like writing letters, and thought it would be good to report on her.

You’ll be glad to hear that Sister Leonard is an awesome companion!  She’s hilarious – you have a very funny daughter and I love her.  The other night, when we were in the bathroom getting ready for bed, I said, “My foot itches.”  She said, “I’m on it” and came and started scratching my elbow.  Another time, not long after we got here, we were standing in the doorway of a classroom waiting for our other companion Sister Reeve, who was talking to a friend. I said, “Man am I tired all of a sudden!  It just hit me.” And she without hesitation turned and hit me in the face.  Good thing she’s fluent in sign language because I think she may have a hearing problem.  At least I know she’ll always be there for me if my elbow itches or if I need someone to hit me!

We have a lot of fun together. The MTC is a wonderful place, but it can get boring sometimes, so it’s good to have a companion like her to liven things up.  Sometimes we’re perhaps a little too lively, but we also work well together as we study, plan and teach.

She’s probably told you, but we’re doing really well here and we are very happy.  It’s impossible to be anything but happy for more than 30 seconds because the spirit is so strong.  I know it was hard for her when she found out about the death of her friend, but she really handled it well.  I’m grateful to have such a strong and faithful companion, and I think it would be awesome if we could be companions later in the field!

What else…?  Sister Leonard is always cheerful, even when things are hard.  Her Portuguese is coming along great too!  Anyways, good job on being good parents and raising such a good girl.  I’m sure it was a challenge, but congratulations—your perseverance and hard work have paid off.  I hope you had all your family are well and happy.  I’ll meet you in about a year and a half when I come to her sealing to Elder Wood, and I look forward to it!  I hear a lot of great things about Texas and I can’t wait to go there myself after the mission. 

I love this work and I know that this church is true.  I feel privileged to be able to serve the Lord fulltime, and I know that He is there to help all of us, no mater what our needs are.  Turn to him and you cannot fail!  The Lord loves you and so do Sister Leonard and I J

Sister Sydney Francis

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