Thursday, September 12, 2013

Arrived in Brazil

Tudo bem? 
So i made it after 27 hours of airports and airplanes i made it alive. So much to tell and not a whole lot of time. Just go watch the beginning of the best two years for me;) so my new companion is sister Johnson, she´s great! I love her! She is American, which means she does know English Que Benção! (What a blessing). Right so i got to Natal on Tuesday afternoon. We had dinner with president Soares and sister Soares who is an amazing cook! And spent the night in Natal. Then the next day we registered with the police and I’m legal here) Que Benção! Then we had a 5-hour bus ride to Mossoró, which is my first area for at least the next 12 weeks. it´s really hot here;) I’m not complaining, literally everyone we talk to says that, it´s like the small talk. Instead of asking oh how is the weather they just state it’s hot. So winter here is ending which doesn’t really change much it goes from hot to really hot:) Que Benção! Better than going somewhere really cold;) the people here are really nice and it´s not taboo to talk about Deus. If anything that is one of their favorite things to talk about other than the weather. Que Benção! Also today after our district meeting, sister Johnson and i needed to buy some paper to make thank you cards. A man who worked at the store who is also a recent convert went across the street to buy us ice cream, and then the lady checking us out gave us a discount on our paper! Double Que Benção! So ya I’m still alive. Half the times i don’t know what is going on but the people are wonderful and willing to work with me. Well we have a city to convert. Love you all. 
Sister Leonard.

Sister Aleah Leonard
Brazil Natal Mission
Av. Interventor Mario Camara 2066
Dix - Sept. Rosado
Natal - RN

A lizard in Natal
Clouds over Natal.  The field is white already to harvest

ou were right mom, it's just like girlscamp, really hot and I'm not allowed to flush the toilet favorite!
Some pictures from the plane

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  1. It is like that here in Korea. You would think a huge metropolitan place like Seoul would be able to install pipes that can handle TP, but I am told the pipes are so old that TP gets caught on jagged edges (but nothing else does?) and causes clogs. So summer here is hot, muggy, and stinky. God bless, cousin! Love you!