Monday, September 16, 2013

"She's not from around here"

So much to tell you and not a lot time. Yesterday we invited 3 primary aged kids to a baptism... it would have been 4 but sister Johnson forgot... but when we go to teach them more we'll have a special invitation just for Beatrice...we don’t even know if she's old enough to be baptized but that's okay. Every one here looks really young; unless they look old then they look really old! Some things i have noticed that Brazil is lacking:

1. Peanut butter
2. Carpet
3. Air conditioning
4. Cold milk
5. Pepto bismol
6. Temperature regulated water
7. Drinkable tap water
8. Paved roads
9.even sidewalks... there are more but that's all i can think of.

Things they do have though are tile... everything is tile, even our walls. 
Everyone is really friendly. 
Lots and lots of fruit! We have a mango, lime, and guava tree. Turns out i like guava, who would have thought. 

Oh everyone says my Portuguese is really great for only being here for 6 days... except that one little boy in our lesson that started laughing when i started to teach... i did hear what his mom said "stop it! She’s not from around here, she is trying her best!" that's a great confidence booster;)

 My companion is super great though! She is always positive and giving me great tips on how to survive Brazil, literally survival tips. Mom, you did not prepare me to survive in the middle of nowhere. I’m really glad she is with me we have a lot of fun together! She’s great and we are having fun doing lots and lots of work here. I never really knew i could get so much pleasure from working really hard every single day. 

Home Sweet Dirt Hut

We made Reese's cupcakes

Sister Johnson and I did service for a member who fed us lunch.  WE cut ribbons for a primary activity

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