Monday, September 23, 2013

The miracle of the Beans

We had zone conference this week, we learned how to be great missionaries like Ammon. On Thursday I invited a Ceição and her two boys Rafael and Elifabio to baptism, woohoo! We've also had a very productive week fining new people to teach. The people here are very nice and extremely friendly, we don´t actually knock doors but clap outside of peoples walls/gates, but usually the people are just sitting outside already to hear the message of the gospel:) Yesterday we had 7 people come to Church!  Which is a lot!  And its a lot when most people don´t keep commitments very well... people are really interested in why we, sisters, choose to serve missions. I love explaining, how much this Gospel means to me, to leave my family, my schooling, a plush life with clean water, and a really cute boy to come to Brazil for a 18 months. I love testifying of Jesus Christ and of God letting the world know that they live and that God loves all his children so much! He gives us so much! We need to be thankful for that. Sister Johnson is ótima! I love her she is great and teaches me so much we have lots of fun together.

Mom be proud of me i´m eating beans... and every time i do, my body rejects them.... it's nasty. I know the lord is aware of this challenge though because half the time the members don´t have beans. Sister Johnson says i´m lucking out but really the Lord blesses me for my efforts. Ah when people ask what the weirdest thing I ate on my mission i´m probably going to have to say this cabbage and ham lasagna... I don't know how it is considered a lasagna its literally cabbage with cheese and ham as the noodles... it wasn't bad, it was just very different. Well I'll get pictures for you.

Hey for Christmas you should send me peanut butter:) and you should send it now so i get it by Christmas:) thanks mom!
How many mosquito bites can you count?  I count 15. They only bite the left arm for some reason!

A really cool butterfly!

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