Monday, September 30, 2013


So this week was hard, and great. I love my companion she is an angel. Anyway this week i want to talk about Caio (Kyle) He´s 13 his is the nephew of some of our recent converts, basically super ready for the Gospel in his life. We´d actually seen him at church quite a few times before and we were not sure if he was a member or not. He loves church he loves all the things we teach him, in one of our lessons when we were explaining enduring to the end we said `you know you do the little stuff every day like praying and reading scriptures...´I told him it doesn´t have to be long just 5 min. His response was “well i get home from school at 12 and don't have to work till 3 so that's three whole hours i can read the book of Mormon...” wow what a stellar kid. So we are really excited for him, and really excited for General conference this upcoming weekend!!!! Sister Johnson and I are also planning a Halloween ward party... if you have any ideas of games/ activities we could do that´d be great! 
Oh and happy birthday mom this year i called Tommy, he said he´ll speak the day after your birthday!
Love you all
Sister Leonard
Sister J and I with Salviano, who we had lunch with.  He made this cake. He's hilarious because he knows a little english and says funny things at random times.
These are my language tutors.  Emily (left) is an investigator,
Stella and Igor correct my grammar...

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