Monday, October 14, 2013


So we met a guy on the street this week, which really means we were walking down the street and he calls for us to come to him. His name is Lucas, we talked for a little and marked to visit him the next day. We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he accepted baptism, and we left him with a Book of Mormon. The following day when we went back to follow up. I asked him if he read the Book of Mormon.. He had. (we marked for him to read 2 ne 31). He read that, and then started at the beginning of 1 nephi and read until jacob 5! Please go pick up a book and look at how much Lucas read in one night. The next day we covered the plan of salvation, and we arranged everything for Church the next day. He said the closing prayer and said `Deus Eu sai que esta Livro é verdadeiro!´ (God I know this book is TRUE!)  So Sunday morning we grabbed a ride to pick up Lucas. And that´s when he started giving us excuses, and finally Sister J asks `are you drunk´ sadly he was... He didn't come to church, we were really sad and it gave us a little taste of what our Heavenly Father feels when we break commandments or when we choose not to go to church... but now we know what we will teach today. the word of wisdom:) ... another cool story, we were stopped on the street by some 16 year old girls, they were actually kinda following us, they are in an English class and are doing a project for class and need people who speak English for extra credit, so we made a deal with them if they come to church we will help by going to class, they actually came, and really seemed to enjoy young women's. All in all a good week. Oh Caio received the Holy Ghost! Parabens!

love you all,

Siste Leonard
my new bug bites

me with a cute little family of chickens

Sister J and I

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  1. Love to read about what you are doing. Muí bueno!