Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I got hit in the face with a Bat!

This week has honestly been ridiculous. 
So the animals here are crazy. We were on splits last Thursday and I was ducking under a tree to get to this house and a bat ran into my face, I can mark that off the bucket list.
Barataphobia: so you know the movie arachnophobia when all the spiders try to get in the we have a lot of cockroaches here, que benção, so we bought this poison from a member in another ward...i swear it was strait drugs, the roaches started freaking out after eating it, and they all started climing in our windows and running across our porch, i have no idea why they wanted to get in the house so bad, but as soon as they´d get in they´d curl up and twitch ferociously.
What´s been happening:
sister Johnson and i have been planning a Halloween party for the past month, it will be this saturday.we get two new sisters in our ward today, which means there will be 2 duplas in Abolição. so we’ve been rearranging the house as well. and we are splitting the area for the new sisters...any way I'm saying all this because we have been planning all these things and making preparations and last night we got the call that sister Johnson would be transferred. may i remind you that i have only been here 6 weeks and i now have to show 3 new sisters the area and i have a Halloween party to do and a new area to open with a brand new Brazilian companion. on the bright side sister francis(MTC comp) is going to be living with me, so at least someone will speak English, que benção. so ya if you have a moment in your prayers don't forget the sister in Brazil trying to survive. Love you all, I’m relying on the Lord.

Love sister Leonard

How many sisters live in this house?  And this isn't all the shoes either...

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