Monday, October 28, 2013

Not too much to Report

Not too much to report

October 28, 2013

Basically we gave all of my investigators to the new companionship, and we don't have anyone to teach yet but this week will be more productive. my Portuguese has improved a lot now that i am with a Brazilian now sister m. silva. she´s great, for the most part i can understand most everything she´s saying. the other dupla here is Sister Adriane and Sister Francis, they´re great, it´s always a party after planning, they try to speak English and we try to speak Portuguese, the gift of tongues is real. it´s starting to really feel like summer here (that´s a joke because its always really hot here, all year around.) umm ya i walk a lot still, i love work, the members here are great and help enormously with the work. i´ve really felt your prayers working. but ive learned specific prayers are the if you could pray that I get a bed soon that´d be cool. Although I enjoy my rede (pronounced headgy) (hammock) it´d be nice to sleep in a bed:) love you all

Sister Leonard

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