Monday, December 30, 2013

Parade Queen

This week was just special. With all the holiday craziness and what not our work was pretty sad. I got sick the day after Christmas and Sister M. Silva was sick the day after that, then it was my birthday and my lying companion said she was sick again that morning so Sister Francis and I did splits because we had a ton of people to teach. Really Sister M. Silva just wanted to make a cake... we also had a surprise birthday party. We played ninja:) you will be proud to know i’m still the ninja master. Thats about it for this week I hope the holidays were safe and fun for everyone. Thanks for the prayers:) Oh for everyone who didn't talk to me on christmas,we moved houses finally... we did it with a horse and buggy.... probably the best thing to use when moving houses. I got the ride the cart, I felt like I was in the Macys parade:)

love you all 

Sister Leonard

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