Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Christmas

Dec 23, 2013

Happy Christmas

woohoo its christmas... but doesn't feel like Christmas because its as hot as… Brazil:) But we had an awesome Christmas conference in Natal this past week. The focus was on the atonement of Jesus Christ, and it was awesome! Also we all got fruit cakes... it’s a desired present here (still gross) but it´s all good. Another miracle that happened this week, it rained. Like not just 5 drops and it was kinda cooler. It was awesome! And you know when there is water there are baptisms. Really this week was a miracle Antonio José was prepared by angels. It was one of those people that contacted us in the street and didn't have any problem with the commandments/word of wisdom, and after he was baptized he was so happy and just kept saying how great he felt. Just the little things make me so happy, and remind me why it is that I wanted to serve a mission. All in all I’m happy and enjoying the mission. We should move into our new house Christmas day.  Keep praying:) 
hope all is well with the fam bam.:)
 talk to yáll christmas day:)

love Sister Leonard

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