Monday, December 23, 2013


Dec 23, 2013


Hey we got a house thats all secure and such. We´ll move in at the end of this week. We´re headed to Natal today for our Fiesta de Natal... i mean Conferencia de Natal. This week was crazy as ever but really great. Yhe highlighted experience that I hope makes Dad proud is how we filled up the baptismal font this week. We had Stake Conference this week so that kinda threw things off because of transport and what not. And apparently the water goes out in some places ever other day. So we got to our `chapel´ late and realized we didn't have any water...oops. Anyway there was water in the sinks just not for the font. So we grabbed all the 5 gallon jugs we could and started filling those up. I have pictures on Sister Francis’ camera that I´ll send next week. Just trust me it was really cool:)

Until next week:)

Sister Leonard

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