Monday, December 9, 2013

Já é Natal?

December 9, 2013

Já é Natal?

So this week was literally the craziest week of my life. Still living in a house of a member. She is fofo demais. ya I don’t think there was one normal day this past week, one thing after another...but we did see a miracle literally. We have a lady here who is an eternal investigator... or was :) She's been investigating the church for two years. I’m pretty sure she knows more about the doctrine than I do. Anyway until friday night we didn't know if she would actually get baptized. Like every time we brought it up she was like `no no maybe in like another year´... anyway we marked an interview with our DL and I’m pretty sure he used his Elder magic. After the interview she was like do we have to wait till Sunday? I’d rather just do it tomorrow... claro. So ya after a week of bad news we had the joy of watching another daughter of God chose to follow Jesus Christ. Que Benção! I hope all is well in your world:) 

love you all

Sister Leonard

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