Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Scary stuff in Brazil

December 4, 2013

So i´ll start this letter out with shout out to the cousins. Mainly Mar. thanks for the letter Mar:) 
This letter i think should be for Kendall Rapier but i don’t have his email and i´ll discuss the same things so if Becky reads this let Kendall know its for him.
The one piece of advice... if you could call it advice from my dear cousin was`the world is really wicked´ I thought to my self `umm thanks for that´ but this week has been hard... really hard. Disclaimer I’m fine no worries. 
I'll start with happy things. We went to Natal last week for a conference for the sisters in the mission. We have 35 sisters (38 now i think with this transfer) it was awesome President Soares is an inspired man! After that we had a baptism this sunday. Bia is the cutest thing since puppies. Then things kinda go down hill... one of our investigators has been in a relationship that isn't healthy. This week things came to a breaking point. She was inspired to say in the middle of being beaten that the sisters were knocking at the door. He let her check the door and she literally ran for her life. The Lord inspired her to use us as a tool to save her life. She's better now at her brothers house, but i feel really bad for her.

The next day we made our rounds looking for people to teach, after a few lessons the member that was with us needed to return home, so we decided to stop by in our house to grab another book of mormon and eat something. so we have a lock on the door for at night that can only be locked from the inside. when its locked you cant even turn the key to get it... that was the first clue. I pushed on the door to jolt it and managed to unlock the door. but it was locked with the latched lock. then I noticed the front window open. Anyway we called the other sisters to see if they had passed by earlier and left the window open. ya, no so we went to Bishops, he called for other men in the ward to come over. (the police are kinda a huge joke here) anyway they brought flash lights and saw the back door open (sister m silva and i both double checked that it was locked when we left) no one was inside. a neighbor actually saw the guy jump over our fence with a small back of things and then he left... so  he left all the money all our cards and documents, he took my camera/memory card :( and our dvd player for training, with The District still inside.... so we´re hoping he decides to watch the district and will come back asking to be baptized... also he left the charger for my camera so jokes on him it´ll die in a day or two. so we are looking for a new place to live, in the mean time we´re living with bishop´s mom, she's the sweetest old lady, she reminds me of Honey... don’t worry mom we do all the dishes and sweep and clean up after ourselves. So ya the world is wicked, I feel like I understand that phrase a little more now. I can only try to imagine a small part of how the Lord feels when people do bad things to others. But we´re still smiling... we´ll at least i am, my sick sense of humor is at it´s all time best;)  so ya that´s my update of the week. oh I didn't get transferred so 6 more weeks in Abolição! woohoo! Loving the work and the people.  Oh ya i got my christmas present mom thanks! Im really impressed you remembered! Anyway we´re having fun as always. The lord is protecting us, thanks for all the prayers and love.

love sister Leonard:)

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