Monday, January 20, 2014

I am my mother's daughter

January 20, 2014

I am my mother’s daughter

So this week was good. Crazy as ever. I really like this new area:) it´s nice and hilly. We taught a few people, I’m just kinda learning the area still so I don’t have too much of an update on the work, just that its working;) 

Umm some cool facts about my area, the soccer stadium is in my area and the giant christmas tree is right next too our chapel and our chapel is the very first chapel in the rio grande do norte (the state I’m in) so that´s legit. I live with three of the most legit Brazilians ever. My companion is a boss. Love her to death:) I was proposed to for the first time on the mission.It was super romantic. We contacted Peter Simon, invited him to church and he responded `Im looking for my 4th wife, and i want it to be you´ pointing at me... awkward. We told him there were lots of single ladies in the ward... he said he would go just to date... flirt to convert? acho que não. 

So what else happened. Ah i remember, I fell this week. But don’t worry I didn't break my foot, we got x-rays :) So i really didn't do too much because I wasn't allowed to walk. So yesterday, Sunday we did divisions so my comp could work, and I was babysat by bishop´s wife... she had 6-8 little girls over playing with her kids basically I became there new project. They made a menu of activities to do, they did my nails, make up, hair, put on a show for me, everything. It was pretty fun. Exhausting but fun, I now have the nick name of Sister Barbie... great. 

But other than that everything is pretty chill here. Its a lot cooler in Natal than Mossoró.... still hot but i think i’m pretty close to the coast;) (its on the other side of the dunes). the church is true, share the gospel with all your friends, if you’ve already tried try again, this is a new year and now they are ready to follow Christ. 

love you all:)

Sister Leonard
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Sister Barbie 

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