Monday, January 27, 2014

Six Months!

Weird to think I’ve just about completed a third of my mission. Tomorrow will be my one year mark (which means I have one year left) but I’m not focused on that, I have work to do:) 

This week was really great. After I talked to y’all last p-day sister O and I headed to the Dr to have him look at my foot and get cleared to work as normal. So he wasn't in his office and we were with Bishops wife and she wanted us to see how beautiful God´s creations were. So we went to the beach:) Don’t worry we didn't leave the car, just went for a nice drive on the coast, it was pretty sweet.  I´ll send pictures:) Then this week we worked hard. 

I want to send a shout out to Sister Bagan (forgive me if iI spelled your name wrong) and other seminary teachers who enforced scripture mastery. It saved our investigator. So what happened is we have an investigator that has some problems (who doesn't really?) but anyway we were reviewing the baptismal interview questions and asked if he´d live the 7th commandment... lei de castidade:) fun. Anyway he didn't have a lot of faith in himself that he could change, he didn't want to promise anything when he knew he wouldn't keep his promise. Anyway it broke our little hearts and we ate our feelings in açaí and encountered a young man who is very interested in following Christ so we´ll be eating açaí more;) But anyway we we´re pretty sad about this other guy, he already has a testimony of the book of mormon and he wants to follow Christ but `the flesh is weak´anyway i read a couple of the good ole scripture mastery verses in D&C and wow:) We focused on the atonement and the love of God. Literally we are his children and he doesn't want us to suffer the same pain he went through. So we shared the scriptures with him explained our role as missionaries is to call repentance to the people, I cant even really describe this lesson really. Just that it was directed by the spirit completely. Anyway we made goals:) yay goals, every missionary loves goals! we put the title `minha salvação´ my salvation, and we made a list of things we can do instead of sinning; pray, read the scriptures, go to church, avoid dangerous situations, and be baptized:) So he´ll be baptized this week. woohoo! 

So my words of wisdom for those who want to serve missions, or help missionaries, or want to be happy (I think that covers just about everyone) read over the scripture mastery scriptures, even if you don’t memorize them have them in mind, these verses we´re selected specifically because they are simple, powerful and answer any doubt anyone could have. The church is true. I love you all. Keep praying and writing;)

Sister Leonard
Viewing God's beautiful creations

See my tosies??

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