Monday, February 3, 2014


Feb 3, 2014


So M was baptized yesterday, you´ll see how happy he is in pictures, when i got here he didn't have this smile. Now he´s always smiling. Also yesterday an investigator got up to share her testimony and she just talked about how happy she was in this church and how much the missionaries had helped her find joy. When other people are happy i’m pretty happy:) and the gospel makes me happy. Share this happiness with your friends. You just need to say “hey i like you and I want you to have more happiness in your life, can I introduce my two friends”...then the missionaries will help do the rest. It´s selfish to keep all these blessings to our selves so pray specifically who you can share the gospel with this week, fast if you´re lacking inspiration... I don’t really have a whole ton to say this week other than this. Today we´ll climb the dunes so next week i´ll have cool pictures and stuff:)

love you all

Sister Leonard

Look at the 'People Crossing" sign.  little person has a book of momron! Already dressed in white!

Baptism pic of M

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